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As a Connecticut roofing contractor with over 15 years of combined experience we take your roof seriously. Our highly qualified staff is provided with the tools and knowledge to complete your roofing project efficiently and correctly. We price our roofing products fairly, and make every effort to insure our customers receive a roofing solution that will eliminate any roofing problems.

With every roofing job comes an individual challenge. We understand that any 2 roofs are not exactly alike. We use our knowledge of your home’s exterior as a system which keeps the interior of your home dry. Every estimate is customized to address your concerns about your new roof. With our combined knowledge of roofing, siding, attic insulation, and attic ventilation, we can eliminate any leaks and remedy ice dams permanently

New Roof Installation Process
Our Services
  - Roof Repairs 
  - Roof Maintenance
  - Roof Installation
  - Roof Replacement
  - Roof Cleaning
  - Flat Roof Repairs
  - Roof Inspections
  - Flat Roof Installation     

We Specialize in the Application of: 
  - Asphalt Roof Shingles
  - EPDM Rubber Roofing         Membrane
  - Cedar Shake
  - Composie Shake and           Slate
  - Low Pitch Roofing
  - Roll Roofing
Roof Maintenance and Inspection
A roof that is inspected at least once a year, is properly maintained, can and will last 30 or more years. We suggest that your roof is inspected for missing shingles and roof caps, flashings are inspected for damage, and chimneys and exterior walls are checked for missing bricks and damaged siding. While these may seem like small things, the potential damage to the interior of your home from a damaged roof can be catastrophic. Often times when you have noticed a roof leak, the damage has already been done. 
Roof Repair
 Often times when we are inspecting a roof we come across areas that are in need of repair. Before we complete a roof repair we try to provide the customer with an idea of the problem, type of repair needed, any warranty we can offer on the repair, and an approximation on the life of the repair. We will review the estimate with you to determine the most cost efficient solution with the best service possible.
As a Connecticut flat roof specialist we are knowledgeable in the repair of flat roofs. We repair, service, and install EPDM rubber roof systems. These rubber membrane roofing systems are easily repaired and should be inspected at least once a year. Fixing a flat roof, particularly a rubber roof, requires an experienced roofer. EPDM is temperature sensitive, any attempt at repair must be done when temperatures are above 40 degrees, failure to follow these temperature guidelines will result in a failed roof repair

​The process of installing your new roof starts on the ground. Once we arrive at your home we place tarps around your lawn to place the roofing debris. We place boards and plywood to divert all old roofing material away from the home to make every effort to protect your home’s windows, siding, lights, and deck.
  Once the old roof is completely removed we inspect the roof deck and remove any rotten or compromised plywood. We inspect and replace any flashings that are needed around all walls, skylights, and chimneys.
Standard installation includes an ice and water barrier on all roof eaves and valleys. We then install the undelayment and the shingles which are installed to the shingle manufacturers guidelines.
Following the rough installation, all roof valleys, chimneys, skylights, walls, and any other roof protrusion are inspected. We then spend several hours with a magnet for the removal of any stray nails from the area, we offer a true white glove clean up.

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