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What is Storm Damage?
​  Storm damage simply put, when the winds, snow, or hail from a storm damages your home.  Storm damage can involve wind removing shingles or siding, or dropping a tree or tree branch on your homes roof.  Hail can cause serious damage to your home, some signs of hail damage are not even noticeable to the untrained eye. 
  Often when a bad thunderstorm moves through an area, producing large hail and damaging winds, the storm chasers are close behind.  Storm chasers are often from out of state.  They usually do not carry proper insurance for working in Connecticut, and when they leave the area, who are you left to call if there is an issue with the work they did?
Cleaning up the Mess
​Cleaning up the mess following a nasty wind or thunderstorm can be daunting.  Often you are without electricity, there may be large trees across your property, or even laying on your roof.
  We act quickly to assess the situation.  We remove any trees from the house, always inspecting the roof, and installing a tarp if necessary.  We know that both you and your insurance company want to mitigate further damage.
  Once the dust has settled we quickly get to work on assessing what home repairs and roof restorations need to be completed.  Our estimate is given both to you, and your insurance company.  
Surviving storm damage is easier with a professional on your side.
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