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   Many consumers find their flat roof to be a constant leaking head ache due to poor flat roof maintenance. Most flat roofs in Connecticut are either a torch down system or a hot tar with stone system. With the arrival of EPDM rubber roofing systems these types of roofing systems has been outdated for 20 years.  
EPDM systems are moderately priced compared with TPO and IB 80 roofing systems. With proper roof maintenance your new EPDM flat roof can last just as long, for a fraction of the price. EPDM roofs can be easily repaired, as well as replaced in sections.

EPDM Flat Roofs and Residential Uses
​ Following a rough winter we are often asked about roofing solutions for ice dam and leak prone areas. These areas on a home are usually low pitch, with a rise run of 4 inches per every foot. While many roofing contractors will suggest using an ice and water barrier on the entire portion of the roof, we use a different two part final solution.
  With the installation of an EPDM roof you have the option of adding thicker insulation board. Thicker insulation board enables your home to retain more heat in the winter. With less heat escaping through the roof, there will be less premature snow melting and refreezing. This reduces the potential for an ice dam to form. However, an EPDM system, if installed and maintained properly, will not leak even with 6 inches of standing water. We have installed EPDM rubber roofing on many homes in Connecticut, with many installations on low pitch roofs of cape and ranch style homes. These roofs continue to remain leak and ice dam free.

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- Flat Roof Repair
- Flat Roof Installation
- Flat Roof Maintenance
- Flat Roof Inspection

Flat Roof and Low Pitch Roof Products 
- EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane
- White Energy Efficient EPDM
- GAF Liberty Roll Roofing
- Dome Style and Curb Mounted Skylights
- IB 80 PVC single-ply membrane
- Weatherbond TPO membrane
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