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Building Your Deck
While a deck may look like a simple structure to build, there are many little nuances that must be well thought out so that the deck can serve its purpose and function nicely.  
  The layout of the framing, and the framing materials that are to be used are most important.  We build ever one of our decks so that it may support a hot tub in the near future.  We carefully plan the decks height so that it does not cause doors to leak.  We over build our decks, so that they meet and exceed code, and last a life time.
  We offer many different types of decking for our customers to choose from.  We can build a simple pressure treated wood deck, to a complex mahogany or cedar natural wood deck.  We can even install the composite decking material of your choice.  Our deck stairs are ornate, our railings can vary from natural wood to composite, all the choices, and the budget, are yours.

  Our knowledge of roofing, and our expertise in flat roofs makes us Connecticut;s choice for roof top decks.  We can install a roof top deck off of your master suite, or on top of a planned addition.  We guarantee our roofs won't leak, and we guarantee you a well thought out roof top deck.
  One of the best products available for both flat roofs and roof top decks is IB Deck Shield.  This is a single ply roofing membrane, that is slip resistant.  The seams are heat welded at 700 degrees, creating a seamless roof, that is both beautiful to look at, and is also aesthetically pleasing
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